Website design

Each website will be designed as follows:

Your website will be built to your requirements using WordPress. You will need to provide content, including high-quality photos, logos and any other media which you would like to be displayed.

Your website will be optimised to look great on all devices, from large PC screens to mobile phones (and everything in between).

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all important these days. Your website will of course need good content to rank well with Google and other search engines, but the website itself will be designed to tick the SEO-friendly boxes:

  • the structure will optimised to minimise the page load times, and enable search engines to get the information needed to rank your website well
  • SEO functionality from a tool such as Yoast will be included, so that keywords can be maintained by you on an ongoing basis 

There will be links to your social media pages. Functionality can also be added to show Facebook, Twitter ans Instagram feeds on the website.

Studies show that around 20% of website users have some form of disability, so your website will be built with screen readers and other disability aids in mind. And accessibility is also very important for SEO.

Website care plan

Peace of mind for just £25 per month:

Your website will be hosted with a UK company which specialises in WordPress websites, providing a secure, fast and reliable cloud-based home for your website.

A staging site – a copy of your live site – will be created so that WordPress updates and any website design changes can be tested without impacting the live site.

All of the software used by your website will need to be kept up to date to minimise the risk of getting hacked. I will update all of this software on a regular basis.

Daily backups will be taken so that your website can be restored quickly should the need arise.

Your website will be checked every five minutes. If there’s a problem then I will receive an alert so that I can get your site up and running again.

The website development process


The first step in the process will be for us to meet so that I can learn all about your business and discuss your requirements with you. I will then be able to confirm how much the website will cost.

Build and test

Once the requirements are confirmed, I shall start building the website using your content. You will be given access to a test website so that you can check this out for yourself and make sure that you're happy with it.

Go live

When you have tested and signed off the website, I shall make this live. I will then give you access to the administration area of the site so that you can maintain the content and manage SEO keywords.


It's difficult to give an exact cost for building a website as this can vary significantly depending on the requirements.  However, as a guide, you can expect a one page website including a map and a contact form to cost around £250, and a website with five pages to cost in the region of £500. 

Further information

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. It's good to talk 🙂

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